Welcome to Moy.Design!

We don't like the Web as it is today. It's heavy, overloaded with scripts, images, counters, social buttons, web fonts, etc. It's slow. It's clumsy. We think it can be better.

Moy.Design browser plugin changes the appearance of websites. It serves a number of purposes:


...or choose one of the browser-specific links below:

When the plugin's installed, it will show welcome page with some examples to test it on.


The original page:

The same page with one of the plugin's looks enabled:

Another look:

The same look with the plugin menu:

Get help

If something is unclear or seems buggy (e.g. the plugin shows no looks for a page or renders a page incorrectly), please feel free to:

Technical overview

The plugin uses parsers to extract valuable information from original pages and templates (or 'looks') to render the information.

Parsers and templates are located in the MoyDesign's MoyData GitHub repository. The plugin downloads them all the first time when it's installed. Then, it periodically checks for updates.

You can specify another GitHub account. This is useful for creating your own parsers and templates: just fork the main MoyData repo and point the plugin to your own account. Please, consider making a pull request to the original repo afterwards.

Detailed documentation about the plugin, including how to create your own parsers and templates, is available here.

Happy hacking! :)

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